Snakes on a Plane - Dirty Thoughts From A Travel Companion

I have a routine when I travel and I'm sorry/not sorry to say that the routine is for perving. 


In the warm months I like to pick rear plane seats so I can walk across the tarmac to board via the rear stairs.


My joy is taunting the baggage handlers as I walk by in my floaty mid length skirt & heels allowing the wind to lift my skirt up just enough to show a high thigh. 

I once caught a guy nudging an elbow into his coworker's side and the two of them peered under the body of the plane. So I gave a subtle wave and a smile.

I like to sit in seat A (window side for you land lovers).
From upon my spot (enter images of Sheldon Cooper from big bang theory demanding his beloved couch), I have the best view for perving on men. 

To my left I look out the window and watch the baggage handlers lifting overstuffed suitcases onto the conveyor belt under the plane.
You'd be surprised how many people can feel someone watching them and if he looks up, I offer an innocent smile or a cheeky wave.

To my right I watch for men wearing jeans and a t shirt and await the anticipation and hope of the glorious view of that little sliver of his stomach between his jeans and the lifting of his shirt as he raises his arms to put his bag up in the overhead compartment.

If I can't get a window seat I'll go for the aisle so I can be mere inches to his groin as he puts his bag up. 

Yes, I am a perve.
 And after 7 years of traveling as an escort, I still can't stifle my grin to anything straighter than a one sided upturned Cheshire cat leer.
Complete with a head lower to hide it if its really good.
Absolutely no poker face whatsoever.

Upon take off I make sure that I put down my book or phone and earplugs so that I can look out the window and be present in the moment of ascent into the sky.
I follow the same practice when landing.
This is the aviation equivalent of stopping to smell the roses.

When you have forced waiting, you may as well use your time for purpose.
I practice my pelvic floor exercises in my car, before bed and on the plane.
I have a 3 stage process to doing my pussups (pussy pull ups).
I pull in my urethra, then my vagina, then my "dot" ( I'm sorry I just hate using the word anus). Then I release them one by one and then repeat in reverse.

I'm quite proud that I have mastered my control so smoothly that there's a Mexican wave of genitalia in my pants.

Note: I'm actually writing this on a plane, giggling and wiping tears from my eyes and holding my bladder from the 2 coffees and 2 litres of water I've consumed before 12pm.
Do I interrupt the hot 40 something tall dark and handsome thing beside me?
Hmm might be a good opportunity to tease him. Its always fun deciding which way I should pass by, ass or mound?

And there really is no point to all this smiling and fannying about. I have never picked up, nor do I intend to. I just like exercising my femininity and power over men every now and then.

He moves out to the aisle to let me pass...aah a gentleman. Well played sir, well played.  


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November 9, 2017

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