A Ghost Called Holly

Do you have a spirit or guardian Angel?

My pony tail was playfully pulled today, but no one was behind me. 


I giggled.


I didn't even turn quickly because I knew it was her.

It was my little 5 year old girl spirit called Holly. Pops up once in a while to play with something in my house or giggles and hides.  


I first came to discover Holly a couple of years back. I had been gifted a beautiful wooden vintage telephone from 1913 (just like picture below). 

I was in the lounge room on my computer working quietly and heard my phone ding.


Not a ring, but a ding. Like someone tapped it. And then a giggle. 


Naturally I went to check it out and of course no one was there. 


I figured either the apartment I'd moved into has this little girl, or I've picked her up with the phone. 


Either way, she did this for about a year. I never fully saw her, only caught a few glimpses of the long straight haired brunette about my hip height tall. 


I'm guessing about 5 years old.


And then...nothing. 


I guessed she moved on. 


2 years later I went to see psychic medium Daniel Hawkin in Sydney. Amazing guy, do go see him! 


Anyway Daniel told me there's a little girl that hangs around me. 


uess how he described her? 


Long straight brown hair, about 5 years old. Cheeky and giggles a lot. 


Yuh huh!


He told me she'd return because she will be my unborn daughter's guide. Yep he even predicted I'd have a girl.


So she's back and I'm loving it. 


Though Holly doesn't visit often, when she does, I feel its a reminder to appreciate the small things.


She's a stop and smell the roses kind of girl. 


Incidentally, my 11 month old daughter is a cheeky little thing.


Note to self, remember to be a kid.


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November 9, 2017

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