Be the Light in Someone's Darkness

Never thought you'd see a church on an escort blog before hey?!


Despite growing up in a religiously open and expansive array of schools, I am not religious.

Sometimes its nice to put aside your own ideals and dislikes in participating in activities you don't want to, for the sake of supporting a loved one.

My mother enjoys church and she's become a volunteer and altar server. So tonight she was assisting the Christmas eve mass. 

She asked me to come so I put aside my own disinterest and dutifully supported my mum. 


Im such a people watcher and I was thoroughly enjoying seeing the joy on the faces of the parishioners. 

I get why people do this. Everyone needs a sense of belonging and community. 

And this is why people also come to sex work. Both escort and punter can feel welcome and belong. 


The minister delivered a beautiful speech that resonated with everything I've set out to be as Eden.

He said to notice those who are going through darkness. Stand beside them with empathy and be the light they need. 


I want to gently remind you all that despite whatever you believe in, be it God, Allah, Krishna or just yourself, personify that light through your actions or even just a calm presence. 


Christmas can be such a difficult time of year. I think about those I've lost and appreciate what I have. 

If you are feeling lonely, angry or hurt this Christmas, try channeling that pain into healing someone else with your light. 

It really does make you forget about your own issues and it feels so good to have made someone's day.


Much love and merry Christmas!

Your Eden







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November 9, 2017

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