How To Be Discrete With A Brisbane Escort

September 10, 2017

Young buck or Silver Fox, you want to look natural on a dinner date right?
Check out my basic tips on how to rock a night with a lady of the night!


Traveling businessmen need never suffer lonely nights when they discover a private escort service. 

When you're on a business trip, you don't always have time to explore the city because you're busy working. Then after a day of back to back meetings you're too tired to take yourself out. 


Room service means spending more time stuck indoors but going out at a restaurant (table for one) isn't exactly appealing either.


So you want to book a dinner date 

Find a companion, make the date and the paint the town red. Sounds easy right? 

Sure, if you have no qualms about being seen by a friend, colleague or worse family. 


Avoid awkward moments by making a few smart choices and checking your behavioral etiquette.


Being on a dinner date in Brisbane there's a fair chance you could bump into someone you know. A high chance if you're attending a conference and all your colleagues are in town.


So how do you "get away with it"?


The devil is in the details. 


Here's 5 essentials on how to choose a companion.


1. Age isn't just a number


  • I'm in my 30s and I'm now entering the perfect dinner date age range to accompany men between 20s and 60s.

  • Age may only be a number but its a bit more realistic dating someone around your age. If not, appear as if its a business meeting or a friendship. I've been on dinner dates with men from 19 to 72 years and I'm quite comfortable either end of the scale.


2. Do your homework


  • Research escort behavior, and interests. Does she seem discreet? Does she have similarities to you? These are key factors in natural flowing conversations at the dinner table.

  • Check out her dressing options. No 60 year old I've ever dated wants a bimbo in a mini dress and high heels on his arm. Unless you're in Vegas then of course anything goes!


Incidentally, this pic is one of my favorite eras of Hugh Hefner's life. I am in love with this man and he's an ambassador for making hot chicks with old guys fashionable! Now that's some serious swag. I would love to meet him but I fear my days are numbered. 

When he goes, I fear the world will be boring. There's no one quite like him. 

We need more men like Hugh Hefner . 



I digress...


3. Dress for the occasion. 

This is Brisbane, we don't do suits and gowns on a Tuesday. Smart casual is best mid week. Save the glamour for the weekend or the opera or one of my Luxury VIP Dates 


4. Get your cover story.

If you think you'll never be seen by someone you know, you are soooo wrong! I know clients that have been on a date with an escort overseas and had friends spot them. Luckily a good cover saved an embarrassing situation and my client is still in the clear. 


5.  Act Natural!

Awkwardness is a dead giveaway for a client/escort date. Picture your behavior when out to dinner with a friend, colleague or family. You're not awkwardly twitching or shy right? Fake confidence and act like you've known this lady for years.
Dont worry, once you've had a couple of dates it'll soon feel like you're actually old friends catching up anyway!


A final note. These dating essentials aren't just for your discretion, they are for your companion's. 

She doesn't want to attract the wrong attention either so keep your hands to yourself but feel free to give her as much of your eyes and ears as you like. 

Respectful clients are rewarded greatly and if you treat her like a lady, she'll treat you like a king.




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