How to Avoid Social Media Blues

Hoes attacking hoes, actresses attacking actresses. Mums attacking mums!
It seems the only people empowering, encouraging and supporting women lately is men (bar a few bright angels, you know who you are).


What is going with women this year? 

I can only put it down to the economic downturn, extra time on one's hands and mental health.


Broke + bored + stressed = crazy.




1. I come in, I tweet, I leave. 


If I'm not feeling social but want to promote my business, I do so quietly then leave. 


2. Three chances to happiness. 


If I don't like the first 3 tweets, I leave. 


3. Evil Begets Evil

If I see someone being hurt or attacked by others, I don't engage in public debate as that'll bring more heat to the topic and doesn't help anyone.
Instead, I will write a private message of love and best wishes to the person/people involved. 







I understand to some this may sound ignorant and unsupportive of the collective but if it's between my sanity and ignorance, I choose ignorance.
As an empath, I cannot take on the negativity.




I am extremely jealous of people who sit on Twitter all day. Time is a luxury I am not afforded often and I'm regularly struggling to juggle my work/life/family/self (what self 😂) balance.


I would hope that one could spend it better than criticizing others on the internet when there's a world full of children in hospitals who could do with some joy, old lonely people in retirement homes that have a lot of wisdom to share, and parks, streets and beaches that could do with some cleaning.


And if you're not in a position to give yourself to others, spend it loving yourself instead.





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November 9, 2017

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