Your Escort and Your Muse


I come up with my best ideas in bed.

Why? Because my brain releases the day's responsibilities and my mind is free to wonder.

My subconscious gets her turn to speak to me and poof! My thoughts are clear, and I come up with a great idea or I'll solve a problem that's been stubbornly idle in the back of my mind.

And then the penny drops, this is why men love booking escorts!

When you're with an escort, you are essentially being entertained and induced into a state of relaxation.


Even if the session might be hot and heavy, the brain turns off its swimming thoughts and our mind becomes clear.


Femininity is powerful. Its why men get out of bed in the morning. Its what drives and inspires you.

I love using my prowess to its advantage but it truly warms my heart to know it helps on a productive level, particularly when it has a ripple effect.


Much like watching television or engrossing yourself in a hobby, staring at my feminine body, touching my hair or smelling my skin can instantly put you in a state of hypnosis. And hypnotic activities are meditative.


During this state you are more receptive to suggestion. I suppose that's why a lot of wives ask for things during play time. Lol


But the great part is, I can boost your confidence. I can inspire the uninspired. I can take away your demons and perhaps even invoke some you never knew you had in you. 


Or simply hit the reset button.


Where does the mental escape take you? 


Do you time travel back to your youth, or do you see your future?

Either way, I hope you walk away enlightened.






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November 9, 2017

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