I Have Found The Best Chocolate in Brisbane


When it comes to chocolate, we all know it is quality that counts and it is quality that tastes the best. And is a always a joy to find good chocolate in my own backyard here in Brisbane.

Disclaimer: chocolate is my weakness and I often find I am forever fighting my inner self to keep a possible addiction at bay. Every year when Easter rolls around I always feel I need to go live in a cave up the top of a mountain.

My weakness is made even more of a struggle when I stumble upon what I can only describe as the best chocolate I have ever tasted. And it is made right here in Brisbane at a shop called Couverture & Co in Red Hill.

The chocolate on offer here is so good that I am willing to take a single bite of their Hazelnut ganache instead of an entire block of anything you might pull out of your local supermarket.

Now high quality chocolate doesn’t come cheap, but what is on offer here is worth the extra money any day of the week. I highly recommend you try some for yourself.

My tip: Balance a chocolate binge with an outdoor adventure package date with me. Combine sweets with exercise and feel no guilt! Even if you would like to stay indoors, we can always sample these heavenly delights together after a sensual and relaxing rendezvous.





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November 9, 2017

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