What I Like Best About Kissing


As an escort I get to do a lot of kissing. And kissing tends to be overlooked when I truly believe it shouldn’t be.

Having satisfying sex with a fun partner you really connect with is one thing, but being with someone who is a great kisser takes things to an entirely different level altogether.

The best part about kissing is it can be done anywhere and anytime.

I love how one minute we can be sitting on the lounge watching a movie and before we know it we are tangled up together kissing. Kissing fast, kissing slow, kissing hard and kissing soft. Nibbling lips, darting tongues, exploring each other. We get heavier and heavier, the temperate rising as we begin to heat up, stopping only to catch a breath and take a sip of a drink.

Back to the action...

We are quickly at it again. You wouldn’t know we ever had a break. Fingers run through hair, up arms and down the back. Hands and fingers dance over clothes, touching, feeling, squeezing. Our sexual energy is building, the tension is rising and is only held back by the clothes we are wearing. You can almost feel the sensual electricity between us when it zaps at every touch as we bury ourselves deeper and deeper into one another. Simply a fingertip on skin is enough to spark and tingle the erotic energy between our bodies.

Clothes shift, twist and tangle as they are thrust out of the way to expose the hidden sensitive parts of our bodies. Everything is touchable. Everything aches to be felt and fondled. Nothing is off limits. Touch or tease, it doesn’t matter.

Our whirlwind goes on until the resistance can hold out no longer and all clothes are shed. With more and more bare skin being revealed and exposed, goosebumps appear. Our bodies mash together, our kissing embrace merging us into each other. The world around us is disappearing. Time is slowing down. The universe is becoming us and we are becoming it.

We collide in the ultimate explosion. Like a thousand bursting suns.

Then it is just the two of us again. Our two bodies, shaking, heaving, sweaty.

We are now two people as before. Our own beings returned to our own bodies. The same but forever changed.

And all of this started from just a kiss. One little kiss.

If you are interested in a kissing lesson or two, contact me and we can arrange a class.

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November 9, 2017

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