Geek/Shy Fetish - High School Memories

If you were the geeky or shy boy in school, I want to know you.
I want to see your awkward high school photos.
I want to talk about the incredible things your brain conjures up.

There was something about you.
Were you a good boy? Are you still? Do you want to change that?


I have a fetish for geeky and shy men.
When all the girls were fantasizing over the popular alpha boy in high school, I was getting wet in my panties over the geeky boys.
Gosh they had no idea. I remember some would even drop their head and look down if they caught my eye.
It was terribly sweet and such a turn on.
To this day I search for that same effect.


What's with the geek thing? Well, its a challenge you see.
I quickly learnt the popular boys showed all their cards straight up, and there wasn't a lot to delve into from there.
Shy boys seemed mysterious to me.
Shy boys have secrets too, and I wanted to know them.
Only problem was, I was a little shy myself in the boy department.


I remained a virgin until I was 18.
Sure I had opportunities, but I think at that age I preferred the chase and the teasing was so immense, I didn't feel the need to go further.
To this day I still find the tease outweighs the sex.
There's something about deprivation that makes actually getting it so much sweeter.


Let's reminisce.


Come on a dinner date or adventure and lets talk high school memories. 
Who did you fantasize about?

I fantasized about capturing the attention of men and teasing them.
And here I am now an escort.

I want to turn your fantasy into a reality. 




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November 9, 2017

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